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Thursday, October 27, 2011

guest reviewer: Yana on CURLS

I hope you all value my opinion and like two here about the different products that I use.
How ever I know there are alot of curlies out there with totally different hair types to me and alot of you follow natural belle. So I thought I'd ask my friend and hair stylist Yana to review CURLS curlicious curls cleansing cream and CURLS coconut sublime moisteriseing conditioner.

Here's what she has to say:

"I usually use kerastase products which are good but I tend to lose alot of moisture in my hair and have to use added moisturiser and hold products to keep my curl pattern.
I shampooed my hair with CURLS cleansing cream firstly the cleanser does not foam up like many shampoo's this is due to the fact it does not contain false foaming agents, That dry out the hair and can cause breakage. It felt alot like washing my hair with a light conditioner my hair felt clean after use but not dry.
The curls sublime conditioner was fantastic and was my favourite. Firstly it smells Devine and the aroma lingers throughout the day. Whenever I move my head I get a whiff of coconut and caramel.
I have very thick very curly hair I thought the little sample pot would not go very far, however I really didn't need that much (about a coins worth) the conditioner spread very well and I worked it from root to tip. The best thing about CURLS sublime conditioner was the ease of styling after my hair wash. I really only need a tiny bit of serum and that was mostly due to habit. My hair is so much softer and the curl is very defined. My curls are alot more relaxed and elongated. I really want to try the rest of the styling products. I do alot of blowdrys and although I want to stay busy at work I will be suggesting this to my clients with mixed race and Afro hair as I find alot of my clients do not wear there hair natural because they find there hair unmanageable(so untrue!) or the curls are not defined enough buy this product is the key and will be finding its way into my hairdressing kit."

to get you hands on these products please visit
Well that what the professional has to say! for an appointment with yana for one of the best blow-outs in london contact myself and i can give you further details also if you have any questions for Yana she will be doing q&a's.

Ive been using the CURLS whipped cream and CURLS gel-les's stayed tuned for my review in the next few day.
Hope you enjoyed the chance to here from someone different!
look forward to more guest reviewers and interviews with all different types of curly hair.

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