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Monday, February 28, 2011


Hello lovelies! I am back from my wonderful trip to london! As you all know (because I went on so much) I stayed at the Hilton with my boy and we spent the week visiting Notting Hill, rummaging through market stalls at Portobello market and enjoying some lovely meals out. 
Unfortunately I have not had internet up until now, the price for a days wifi at the hotel was extortionate! 

We also visited Ripely's believe it or not museum, i certainly didn't believe it but it seems Jack did!

These are some pictures I snapped before I rammed all these clothes in a suitcase! Do you find it easier to think of what you are going to wear/need if you lay it out? Certainly helps me! 

Check back for lots and lots more images from the week as well as out fit posts :) 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"....does that hurt?"

I think at some point in a modders life they have been asked those 3 words somewhere, sometime.

Just picture it
You're sitting there, just minding your own business, probably thinking about something completely random like what you're gonna have for dinner when....

DID THOSE HURT? *Insert pointy finger to area where there is mod*
Honestly when that happens to me, I panic slightly! Mainly because they've distracted me from my daydream and left me in a confused and slightly vulnerable position. Its not fun to be hurled back into reality when you're off in you're own world.
You go blank.
Maybe uhmm and ahh a bit.

Then, and only then you answer.
"No, it didn't hurt"
Now, Common sense denotes that a 'no' answer means no.  However in the world of mods, no isn't an answer when people ask that question. Its just an opening to a whole new series of questioning.
"Really!? Cause I would've thought it'd hurt cause its like a hole in your face..blahblahblahblah"
Now, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels slightly uncomfortable at this point. You've been rudely awoken from your daydream, answered their question which frankly you are getting sick to the bone of people asking you, and THEN they still keep on asking you questions. God dammint stranger, I just want to get back to my fucking daydream, I don't want you to keep asking me stupid questions. Yes, I've got a piercing, get the fuck over it, stop asking me shit, LEAVE ME ALONE, THERES KFC IN MY DAYDREAM AND I'D LIKE TO GET BACK TO IT AT SOMEPOINT THIS CENTURY. *crys inside*

However, typically people are polite. We can think that inside, but on the outside we just smile, and repeat what we just said, praying that they'll leave you alone at some point.

It just isn't good enough though is it? D:
There have been times where I've had to sit there for 10 minutes pretty much being asked the same question over and over and over again just in different ways. Theres only so many times you can say 'Yes it did hurt or No, It didn't' But it just doesn't seem to work. No or Yes isn't a good enough answer, they want pain scales, amounts of tears or the knowledge that you're a doublehard bastard.
Jesus christ, don't you understand what No or Yes means? D:
Soon you get to the point where you just go 'Okay, I've told you everything, nice speaking to you' then finally retreat back into your mental daydream bliss which is as far away from reality as possible :3

If they back off you at this point, you are one of the lucky ones...
Give it 5 minutes then you'll feel that oh so similar tap on the shoulder....
And then you're back to square one .___.
Its quite amazing what someone with mods has to go through on a daily basis. If you're not getting insulted, you're getting questioned. If you're not getting questioned, then you're getting funny looks.

All of that for a piece of metal through the skin or a picture tattooed on the skin.

....The general public really can be stupid, can't they?
Seems like they stopped teaching common sense in schools and just started bringing in ignorance and stupidity!



The mad frenzy as street style photographers bombarded the next fashionista!

I WANT NEED these trousers!

 Amazing dip dye hair!

First peek of how I spent my day yesterday at London Fashion week! 

I met the adorable Katie from Lock stock + Style, it is amazing how easy it is to form a friendship having read a persons blog! 
We enjoyed mingling with the fashion crowd and soaking up the atmosphere, even though it was so cold our fingers turned to ice blocks!  We also got snapped ourselves so keep your eyes peeled for our pics somewhere on the internet! 
Starbucks and plasters where also in order, to warm our hands and nurse our battered feet! 

Stay tuned for my outfit photos! I am also staying in the Hilton the rest of the week with the boyfriend to explore london and do some much needed shopping! So I am sure there will be even more photos to bombard you with!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rana Super Star Latest Tamil Movies


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Thursday, February 17, 2011

First Dibs!

I have been a bit stupid, yes believe it or not, and have attempted to force my feet into shrinking. Trust me it does not work. So these babies have unfortunately only been worn once and I am now going to have to find them a loving new owner. I really wanted to get the bigger size but they are now completely sold out, and being limited I am guessing they will not get any more!
As I really appreciate you guys I wanted to give you a heads up first before sticking them on eBay, where I can not guarantee their love.

The details:

  • Size 6 
  • Limited edition from New look
  • Genuine Suede upper
  • Round toe
  • Lace up
  • Worn once
  • Bought for £59.99
More details and pics: 

£50(including postage) Sorry UK only. Email me your Paypal email address to and I will send an invoice. The booties will be sent first class :)

Stand behind the yellow line...

 Topshop leather trousers
Old faux leather jacket
Primark waterful cardi
Warehouse zip dress
Urban outfitters bag
Rocket dog clogs.
Scarf- Bootfair

This is my usual start to the day... standing behind the yellow line! But today is an extra special day because I am spending the train journey to london with my boyfriend! It feels a bit like a date, apart from when we get off at london we have a very different day ahead of us! He is not sitting through a day of lectures! I was thinking of doing a 'day through my eyes' of what I see through out my day and some opposing outfit photos - country side and London. What do you guys think? Excited about LFW yet? I wish I was going!! 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


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