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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How To Earn Money Through A Blog or Website

Hi Guys, this post is complete different to the title of my blog. But after seeing people trying their best to earn money through their blog or website but failing due to lack of knowledge, I thought to write one post for this . As most website owners only know about Google ad sense and if Google rejects their site due to fraud clicks or not meeting certain criteria they loose hope to earn money and after sometime about 50-60% bloggers stop writing. Since I have also gone through the same phase when Google rejected my blog and I was completely shocked then I tried to make another blog through different account but again after some time it was also rejected. I was rejected three times by Google so I came to know about different ad networks and I want to share my knowledge and help you guys, if you like this post then please do write comments as I have more networks list.Here I am giving a short list of different ad networks just you can signup from here by clicking on the links.
  1. Smowtion : It is very easy to signup with this site and blog or website can be easily accepted, if you have some good content .It can be used with other ad networks.It pays it's publisher through Paypal, check or an ATM card. If you sign through the link provided you can earn 80% of the revenue share instead of 60% which it generally pays.  Monetize your site!
  2. Chitika : It can be used with Google ad sense as well as with other ad networks and minimum payment is 10$ through pay pal and $50 through checks. It allows you to display ads on your blog or website or mobile sites. At the end of every month you are paid if you attain the minimum payout limit. Monetize your site!
  3. 888media : It is very good ad network, you can earn money very easily and it's cpc is $0.20 to $0.40 Per Click while  $0.20 to $0.70 per CPM. Large publishers can earn maximum revenue by earning upto $10,000 a month for their ad space, they buy your ad space.  Small publishers no need to worry you can also earn easily as their cost per click and cost per mile is maximum and your revenue will increase constantly .Monetize your site!
  4. Linkbucks : It is very east to earn money through linkbucks, you have to just put links to your blog or website . It pays twice per month and the rate is high. Each time your link is clicked you will earn money.Monetize your site!
  5. Traffic revenue: It is a cpm type network and is very useful for publishers and for U.S traffic it pays $3.44 for 1000 uniques .Very easy to signup and ads can be displayed instantly. Monetize your site!
  6. CPM:  You can get all information by clicking on the banner above.It displays high quality ads and minimum payout is $5 and it pays through Paypal as well as bank wire.
  7. Popads: Very easy to join , their is no minimum requirement for traffic .Ads appear as popunder or popup .Payment is through paypal,wire transfer and alert pay. Minimum payout is $5.Join here 
  8. Cpx24: Cpx24 is an advertising network that provides opportunity to monetize their websites or blog and pays per impression.Publishers get paid weekly when they reach 0.5$ .Minimum traffic is 0. Join now 
  9. Popuptraffic: Very easy to implement and pays per impression.Publishers are paid monthly when they reach $25.Payment method is through check,paypal,bank transfer. Minimum traffic required is 0.Join now 
  10. Obeus: Make money with Obeus , minimum traffic required is 0 and sign up is very easy.You can earn money with pay per click and pay per impression .Obeus pays publishers when they reach $1.It payss daily and accept blogs. Join here
I will give more list as I have about 25 ad networks which gives more revenue but only if this post receive some good response and comments.

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