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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


1) Acne's Cypress Apricot boots

2) Alexander Wang Anabela boots in Camel
3) Nila Stretch leg flares from Boohoo
I have been on a mission to find boots I like for a/w and for once have decided to be smart about it. Now I know mum, yes you, won't find it smart or understand the logic of paying this much for a pair of boots but it is definitely a smart move. You see I am INVESTING, for once, in my wardrobe as I need a boot that is going to withstand the wear and tear of London life!
It is my birthday soon, so, I was thinking, now is a good time to do a wish list! I am definitely clicking home those Boohoo trousers as soon as money lands in my bank tomorrow! What wardrobe finds are you lusting over right now?

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