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Monday, September 19, 2011

LFW Day2

So ot is Day 4 of LFW and i am only just posting about Day 2! Having no internet in the new house seriously sucks, but what can i expect when i moved in on Fridsy (Day 1 of LFW hence no post!!) The stories from firday definately need to be told over some alcoholic bevarages! Some very funny things happened - que huge borken suitcase!! So here it is- my round up of day one, i still have more photo's from this day of the John Rocha show. These will be posted later! I also got to speak to the man himeself!! 

Amazing Haagan Daz hat!!

Bloggers shoes!! There are so many blogger her at LFW more thank photographers or press i think!
The beautiful dove print!
Wearing: Topshop top and Body Chain, Dorothy perkings maxi dress as skirt,
So the second day for me consisted of meeting lots and lots of lovely people! I met two lovely girls when i walked in, one from the blog Twin Fashion,.I also met Lilly and Gem who are so sweet. I had them gigling about the pink hair dye story!
I then met another blogger called Franzi who i managed to get into the Jacob Kimmie show with me. It was the first show we had both ever seen at LFW! The collection was beautiful, held at the Vauxhall Fashion Scout venue with the title‘Rhapsody’. It was a show of contrasts, black and white (big for S/S 2012) which married the idea of a virginal and pure Catholic girl with a minimalist Baroque modernism. It was full of long sheer fabric that showed allot (I wouldn't advice walking down the street in it!) but had an innocence about it at the same time. My favourite piece has to be the Dove print skirt, as it moved it looked like the bird where flying away.

I have so much more to tell you but for now I have to run! I promise lots more posts from the rest of LFW though! P.s don't miss burberry at 4!!

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